Wedding Season

Wedding Love...

If I am anything to go by when it comes to weddings and flowers I know most of it as a florist / director however as a bride I know nothing!  My husband and I surprised everyone including Mama Jo and got married at my sons christening in a wee church in Otaua. It was April 1st (April Fools) and the sweet priest who married us forgot it was a surprise and starting talking about the clocks going back and that we would have another hour of our honeymoon :-)  hehe.  Needless to say a wonderful day but there are a few things I did regret.

Presents.. GOT none... lol

No wedding dress..

And no bouquet.  

I am sentimental and I hold onto everything special ( my kids will not be impressed one day!!)

Flowers are a tricky one... depending on when you get married, who needs what, budget, demands etc etc etc...  But I promise you we can work around most things.  So here are my top tips before you approach us:

  • Budget
  • What flowers are seasonal for the time of your wedding. (google eg. flowers available in Autumn New Zealand)
  • Pintrest your ideas ( be reasonable) don't munt the booze budget!
  • What is required.  Bride, bridesmaid, MOH, Groom, Nana, Dog, budgie etc etc

Then book an appointment with your florist.  Give us at least 2 months.  We will need to order your flowers. 

We do charge a $50.00 wedding consult and there are many reasons for this - but mainly it is time costed. If you do accept our quote this is funded ok..  Fair enough?  Just a chick trying to make a buck or 2.

So with this said.  Start thinking as wedding season will be soon approaching.  And listen... do what you want to do.  Don't spend a house deposit on a wedding, make sure its a day you remember that you enjoyed and you will remember forever.  And I promise I will do my part to make this happen for you too.


Peace out me little flower children.. xxx

Kristen xx